Brief on Action for Teachers of Refugees: Forthcoming

The Center for Learning in Practice is in the process of analyzing the Action for Teachers of Refugees exchange and will issue a Brief as soon as possible. Included in the brief:
  • Key practical elements that were identified as necessary for effective sustainable elements for teachers of teachers of refugees
  • Themes that emerged that relate to effective sustainable pedagogy
  • All of the resources that were shared
  • Sustainable Learning 1.2

Participation Quick Take: Action for Teachers of Refugees Online Event

we need to create more opportunities for groups of actors with diverse backgrounds and experiences to come together as we collectively think about how better to support teachers of refugees and refugee learners wherever they might be! I am also hoping that the Carey Institute will pull together a summary of some of these key findings from this great online event and the related sources that are being shared so that even more people can benefit from this exchange. - Mary


The Action for Teachers of Refugees online event was an effective way to...


What was the single most valuable thing your learned?

The need for connection among the practitioners, because there is great commonality among the needs of teachers of teachers, even in very different contexts.

We should take more benefit of living in an interconnected world and aggregate in learning communities. There is so much to share and learn so that we should never think of re-inventing any wheel.

Networking with other educators can lead to a better practice.

the experience of using this platform and imagining the potential for future discussions

That online platforms may be helpful in connecting educators and teacher trainers across space and time.


  • Over 200 people registered for the event
  • Approximately 35% identified themselves as teachers
  • 172 people from over 25 countries signed on
  • And stayed on for an average of 30 minutes
  • 68 people came on within the next 24 hours bringing the engagement number to 240 (people are continuing to log on and read)
  • 19 platforms were posted in the Platforms for Providing Professional Learning and Knowledge Sharing Peer-Source. If you have a platform to share please post it in the PEER-SOURCE.
Most the participants logged on in the US (64%). The Netherlands, Denmark, UK, Bulgaria and Lebanon combined accounted for the location of 18%. About 10% were located in Canada, Jordon, Belgium, Germany, and Qatar. And 8% were logging in from Cameroon, Egypt, France, Kenya, Bangladesh, Greece, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Mexico, Botswana, Israel, Sri Lanka, Panama, Peru, Palestine, Thailand and Tanzania.
Those who stayed on the longest (30 mins to 2 hours) were logged on in: Botswana, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Qatar, Belgium, Netherlands, Cameroon, the US, and Lebanon (in that order).



Many organizations in the United States and around the world are designing effective content and curriculum for teachers of refugees in a range of settings- from camps, to college campuses, to classrooms and online, on a range of topics from math to English to arts and humanities as well as social-emotional support for students. As a group, we are universally challenged by how best to “teach-the-teachers” - how to engage, prepare, assess, certify and support them.
The Center for Learning in Practice seeks to contribute to addressing this situation by codifying ways in which continuous learning for teachers/educators and practitioners, real time data about teaching practice, and valuable feedback can be provided to teachers regardless of context and with fidelity. We seek to do so in community and in dialogue with educators and practitioners and help build a knowledge network among us.